A spotlight on Lauren Sozmen

Dempsey & Carroll event curator Austin Ackles sat down with Lauren Sozmen of Loli Events to discuss her events between New York & Paris.


AA: We just worked together on a wedding that had mountains of paper and everything went so smoothly! What was your secret weapon for keeping those clients so perfectly on schedule?

LS: I believe it was a mix of using the excellent timeline that you gave me at the beginning, and then sending gentle yet firm reminders to the client for each deadline throughout the process. Don’t give the client a whole list of due dates, this will overwhelm them. Tackle each project and tell them exactly when you need answers and decisions by.

AA: You’re working a lot in France. What’s the biggest difference you find when working abroad as opposed to NYC?

LS: We started Loli Events in France about two years ago.  One of the biggest differences is the pace.  Here in NYC we expect today’s answers yesterday, its go go go everyday.  In France, vendors know how to slow down a bit more and will get the work done but not in a NY minute.

AA: What’s easier in New York City? What’s easier in Paris?

LS: In New York City there’s a huge resource of vendors. You can literally find a great service or product for anything & everything. Working in Paris, you have so much built in decor and beauty everywhere that even if you were on a random little street, photos would be exquisite and transporting.

AA: You have a fine arts background. What’s your favorite museum in New York? Your favorite in Paris?

LS: In New York, The Frick Collection!  It is a magical place in the most beautiful part of the city.  The nineteenth-century paintings are my favorite. In Paris, my favorite is Le Musee de l’Orangerie. It is located in the Tuileries Gardens (also a favorite part of town) and I could spend hours just staring at Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.

AA: Has Loli’s mascot, Truffle, strolled along the Seine?

LS: Alas no…. Truffle has never even been on a plane.  When Loli is in Paris… Truffle usually stays in Brooklyn with his dad. That being said, I am sure he would love Les Rue de Paris.

AA: Finally, is there a particular piece of wedding paper that you really love, but most of your clients don’t usually include for their wedding dapacecardy?

LS: I wish everyone did place cards not just escort cards… think it is such a personal touch to any great event no matter how big or small.



A spotlight on Bizia Greene

Dempsey & Carroll event curator Austin Ackles sat down with Bizia to discuss etiquette and her recent wedding.bizia1

AA: Most of our clients have their thank you cards printed at the same time as their wedding invitations. Occasionally, I get panicked phone calls as gifts start arriving far in advance of the wedding. When should the thank you cards be sent?

BG: Ideally thank you notes should be sent as gifts arrive but you can allow up to three months after the wedding. Give yourself a head start by ordering stationery, selecting beautiful postage and addressing envelopes in advance of your wedding date. After the whirlwind of the celebrations and honeymoon you’ll be glad to come home to part of the task complete. Make writing your notes a relaxing ritual with a well lit, comfortable space accompanied by a cup of tea or glass of bubbly. Share the task with your partner and write a few a day.

AA: With the holiday season approaching, we’ll all be attending too many wonderful parties. What should every gracious thank you note include?

BG: When thanking your host, reference something unique about the event that moved you i.e. the beautiful decor, the delicious trifle like your grandmother used to make or the new friends you made. By making it personal your host will know the event was a success and you’re sure to get an invite to the next soirée.

.AA: What thank you card have you received that left you with the most lasting impression?

BG: Thank you notes that expressed the impact of our attention to detail and effort stand out. My husband and I received a few shortly after our wedding complimenting our weekend events, decor, catering and seating arrangements to name a few. It made us feel like all the hard work we put into curating a memorable and warm celebration was recognized and appreciated.

AA: Your own wedding was just about two months ago. In terms of planning, what was your biggest worry that simply evaporated on the big day?

BG: The weather, of course! Our wedding ceremony and reception were supposed to be outside. Although we had a rain plan, most of our energy wabizia2s spent on the outdoor vision. We began the ceremony outside and midway through thunder and lightning moved in quickly. Guests rallied and began carrying their chairs indoors where we finished the ceremony. I got to arrive at my own wedding twice and was relieved to see what good sports they all were. We dined by candlelight because the power went out. In fact, everyone thought the evening was very memorable and laughed about it. In the end, guests are there to celebrate you rain or shine.



A Spotlight on Haute So Sweet Cake Creations


Dempsey & Carroll event curator Austin A sat down with Michelle Apiar, owner of Haute So Sweet to discuss her beautiful creations.

AA:A lot of brides are asking for very classic and timeless engraved invitations. Your range is amazing but are you seeing a similar trend developing in requests for cake designs?

 MA: I find that Manhattan couples are interested in classic designs for cakes with a modern edge, a “new classic”, if you will.  They are moving away from cakes with abundant flower sprays and choosing designs that are textural and structural.  So many venues feature the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop for the wedding, so they choose cakes that work with it.  Another shift that I’ve noticed is the groom being very involved in the cake process.  He is usually in charge of choosing the flavor!

AA: Your cakes are works of art. Do you ever title them?

 MA: Thank you for the compliment!  I currently do not title them, as each cake is designed specifically for an individual client and are generally not exactly replicated.  However, each cake does tell a story, which serves as my inspirat20120607_ma_481ion for creating them.  For example, a client of mine wanted to surprise her best friend with a Manolo Blahnik shoebox cake for her 40th birthday.  What was wonderful about this is her friend was battling breast cancer, and she vowed that if she made it to her 40th birthday, she would buy a pair of Manolos to celebrate. Well, she made it to age 40 and she got the shoes and the cake!  Contributing to beautiful celebrations like this is truly why I do this for a living.

AA: What is the most far fetched inspiration a client has showed you and then asked for it to be translated into cmaake?

MA: I went into this business because I love challenges, and Haute So Sweet specializes in making the impossible possible.  This past season, a wedding planner introduced me to a bride who wanted a chandelier cake, which is a hot trend right now.  We chose a beautiful crystal chandelier and designed the cake to match the chandelier.  The wedding planner and I worked together with the venue to install the new chandelier that was rigged to hang the wedding cake from.  It was an impressive centerpiece to the wedding and wowed all the guests.  The bride contacted me weeks after the wedding and said the guests were still talking about the cake!

AA: Corporate events or weddings? What is the biggest difference and what do you loveabout each?

MA: Artistically I love doing wedding cakes because they have the “pretty” decorations like flowers and intricate piping, you know, the fun stuff.  I also love working with the couple and often their family members to create a beautiful cake and dessert presentation.  I’ve built lasting relationships with many families though this.  The interaction is much more personal.

Corporate events are great because they demand high volume, and at Haute So Sweet we love making hundreds of something.  It’s exciting and challenging to produce 500-1000 cake pops for a trade show, for example.  Also, being a business owner and formerly in PR, I understand what companies are trying to accomplish with a promotional mailing or event. They want to gain brand awareness or retain their clients’ attention, and we create a delicious and unique product to accomplish that goal.

Michelle is the featured guest for our October 9th showroom event.

Capri is Calling


amal2We just came back from the Amalfi Coast and cannot stop thinking about it. If you are looking for a romantic destination for a wedding, engagement party or a special anniversary, September is the perfect month!


Capri: Delight of roman emperors, international jet set and home of the mythological Sirens is so beautiful that is impossible to ignore. It’s hard to find a spot without charm in this small hilly island. Whether you decide to welcome your guests in a hotel, restaurants or private property, the personality of the Island will embrace you with the brightest blue, the unmistakable fragrance of lemon trees and the reward of incredible food.



Ravello: A couple of churches, three cobblestone streets and an breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. The town, perched on top of a mountain, is a fable-like destination for majestic weddings or more intimate gatherings. A handful of stunning century-old hotels line the main road on the edge of the hill and keep you floating in the middle of the sky. Get pampered at one of the secluded beach clubs a few thousands steps downhill and dine admiring the sunset in one of the Michelin starred restaurants of the ancient town, the memories will stay with you forever.remo


Paper ideas: White cotton paper; Deckled edges; Harbor Blue ink; Italian Script; botanical prints for the hospitality pieces.

12 Things Dempsey & Carroll Can’t Live Without

We were so inspired by Elle Décor’s Celebrity Short Lists that we decided to create our own! Both Ellen Degeneres and Ralph Lauren shared the 12 things they can’t live without. Their tastes continue to inspire many in all aspects of life—especially its most beautiful moments.



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