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Capri is Calling


amal2We just came back from the Amalfi Coast and cannot stop thinking about it. If you are looking for a romantic destination for a wedding, engagement party or a special anniversary, September is the perfect month!


Capri: Delight of roman emperors, international jet set and home of the mythological Sirens is so beautiful that is impossible to ignore. It’s hard to find a spot without charm in this small hilly island. Whether you decide to welcome your guests in a hotel, restaurants or private property, the personality of the Island will embrace you with the brightest blue, the unmistakable fragrance of lemon trees and the reward of incredible food.



Ravello: A couple of churches, three cobblestone streets and an breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. The town, perched on top of a mountain, is a fable-like destination for majestic weddings or more intimate gatherings. A handful of stunning century-old hotels line the main road on the edge of the hill and keep you floating in the middle of the sky. Get pampered at one of the secluded beach clubs a few thousands steps downhill and dine admiring the sunset in one of the Michelin starred restaurants of the ancient town, the memories will stay with you forever.remo


Paper ideas: White cotton paper; Deckled edges; Harbor Blue ink; Italian Script; botanical prints for the hospitality pieces.

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