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Spotlight on Jordan Payne

Dempsey & Carroll’s Austin Ackles sat down with event planner, Jordan Payne, of Jordan Payne Events to chat about the great state of Texas and beyond. 

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AA: What should we think of first when we think of Jordan Payne’s style?

JP: You know, I like to think that when you think of Jordan Payne’s style you think ‘versatile’! When it comes to style and design, each bride is so unique and so designing very different weddings is something that makes me fall in love with designing over and over again. If I were to choose 3 words to describe my personal favorite style it would be ‘elegant’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘timeless’!


AA: We’ve talked to a number of event planners who’ve had clients come to them for an aesthetic that is not really what that planner is known for. How do you handle this type of situation?

JP: I say bring it on! I love a design challenge and honestly, it shows you can work with any type of style and can be creative with your craft. I truly want to be celebrated as a planner and designer that when you look at our portfolio you cannot believe the same designer did those same events because they are so different and versatile. Being able to go in so many different directions is what is so exciting! I would say my favorite type of wedding is a big, luxurious, elegant affair! But hey, bring on the contemporary, chic bride too!


AA: What’s the best way to guide a client with the biggest dreams but without the biggest budget?

JP: You know, be honest. Always do so in a way that never puts a bride down. Transparency is key. Yes, you may not be able to fit A in your budget, but let’s look at B that may give you a similar look and not cost as much. Sometimes even just the slightest adjustment can save thousands.


AA: What’s your favorite thing about designing for Texas venues?

JP: You know, us Texans like to do it BIG! You know what they say, everything is bigger in TEXAS! I love so many things about Texas venues. The amazing catering directors, captains, etc. we get to work with at each of these locations is some kind of wonderful. It is always refreshing knowing that you are all one big team and all you want is to bring the best service and memories to your couples and their families.

There are so many aesthetics to the venues in Texas. We have a big state, so there is so much versatility. From beautiful, grand ballrooms to open ranches to art museums, Texas has it all! Regardless of where you host your wedding, you can design out any location too. Transforming spaces is so exciting and really gives your guests a memorable experience!


AA: Can you tell us about the absolute best place you’ve done an event outside of Texas?

JP: You know, there are so many amazing places to plan and design weddings in this world-even many I have not had the chance to see. I have a wedding bucket list and Ireland is at the top! So when that happens, that will take the #1 slot, but I have to say of all places we have planned, Napa, California takes the top spot… The experience, the views, the weather, the vineyards, it is just stunning and special. Just LOVE Napa!


AA: And what location outside of Texas would you love to design for but it just hasn’t come about yet?

JP: So we know Ireland takes the top spot and in a close second place is Dubai. I mean, the dreams I have to plan and design here is beyond words…

There are so many amazing places in this world. The beauty that we get to surround ourselves with in the wedding world is just mind boggling and special. Yes, it is hard work, but at times I have to pinch myself!

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