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Spotlight on Sarah Goodwin

Dempsey & Carroll’s Austin Ackles sat down with Sarah Goodwin of Daisies and Pearls to chat about Maine and the coming seasons.

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AA: How did the name Daisies and Pearls come about?

SG: DAISIES & PEARLS pays homage to my two German Short Haired Pointers, Daisy Mae and Pearl, aka The Pointer Sisters.

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AA: What is your favorite thing about working in the beautiful state of Maine?

SG: What makes Maine the perfect wedding backdrop is the state’s versatility. It offers the ocean, lakes and mountains.

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AA: In the dead of Maine winter, how difficult is it pitching venues to clients looking for a vibrant summer festivity?

SG: Photography plays a key role in the wedding industry in so many ways. One role is it enables a client to visualize something intangible by painting a vivid portrait even in the dead of winter when summer seems so far away.

Justina Bilodeau Photography

AA: When you’re doing an event in winter, do you do any special preparations in case of exceptionally heavy snow?

SG: Regardless the season there should always be a Plan B. Outdoor events are very popular in Maine so I always coordinate a rain plan. The same for winter events. However snow is such a common occurrence of a Maine winter, it takes a real blizzard to slow down a Maine wedding.


AA: What materials are exciting and new for you right now?

SG: I try to steer away from trends drawing inspiration from my clients and their love story. Personally I am drawn to classic, timeless design.


AA: Where do you like to take Daisy and Pearl for some R and R?

SG: Daisy, Pearl and I love to relax in my hometown located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York.


Photo credits: Carrie Pellerin Photography, Justina Bilodeau Photography, Melissa Mullen Photography

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