Spotlight on Sofia Crokos

Dempsey & Carroll’s Austin Ackles sat down with event planner Sofia Crokos of Sofia Crokos Events to talk about her favorite venues and more. 


AA: Please tell us about your favorite venue in Greece and how you took advantage of such a spectacular location?

SCE: One of my all-time favorite venues is in Athens, called Island Art and Taste. It is located on the water, with a view that can take your breath away. The way that the space is designed and all the details of the venue makes you feel as though you were on one of the Greek Islands, all while conveniently in the heart of the Capital. From the food, to the vistas, this venue is truly a gem hidden in the Capital.


AA: And in New York?

SCE: In New York City, I would have to say, the New York Public Library, because in addition to being such a grand space, it is a landmark and in the heart of the city. The library’s extravagant size and beauty makes for some truly spectacular events.

Outside of the city, Locusts-on-Hudson is one of my favorite venues for an outdoor event. It has beautiful views overlooking the Hudson River Valley. I love creating tent events, and with the acres of meadows and gardens, this location is perfect for doing so.



AA: What destination have you worked in that proved the most logistically challenging?

SCE: All destination events prove to be challenging in some way or another. Planning an event requires a lot of communication and a long checklist of items to be completed in a timely manner. In my experience, Turkey and The Caribbean have been some of the most challenging locations. Outside of New York everything is very lax. Try to plan a wedding in the Caribbean when everyone works on “Island Time”, it is the definition of challenging! The language barrier is another issue we have to deal with. This complicates communication, which is extremely vital to the planning process. However, no matter how many challenges my team and I have to face, because of my strong contact pull, support group, and positive outlook, everything always falls into both the client’s and my favor.



AA: Any weather nightmares? And, if so, how did you remedy things?

SCE: Unfortunately, yes. At my own wedding! Can you believe the irony? After a track record of beautiful weather for every event I had done-weddings, dinners, milestone birthdays, you name it-there was a hurricane on my wedding day! After our clambake rehearsal dinner on the beach in the Hamptons, we quickly realized that with the brewing hurricane we weren’t going to be able to have our reception. Luckily the weather did not keep us from saying our nuptials, in the safety of a church. Almost five years later, I can finally laugh about the events of that weekend. My husband and I are planning on doing a “re-do” (minus the bad weather), with our closest friends and family in Greece or Italy for our five-year anniversary.


image001AA: When all the work is done, where do you love to go and recharge?

SCE: Whenever I am done with an event, whether it was a destination event or local one, there is nothing I enjoy more than returning to my home in Sag Harbor. I love the beach! It recharges me. The water is so peaceful and relaxing, and it helps me clear my mind to think of new creative ideas for my future events.



Photo Credits: Christina Oth Studio, Judith Rae Photography, Allan Zepeda Photography, Stephen Karlisch


Spotlight on Easton Events

Dempsey & Carroll’s event curator Austin Ackles sat down with Lynn Easton of Easton Events to talk about Charleston, planning destination events, and more. Lynn Easton Headshot

AA: Charleston has to be the most beautiful town in America. How has the city grown and changed for the better?

LE: Charleston just continues to get better and better! It is constantly changing, evolving and moving forward. A wonderfully diverse town – with something for everyone. The spectrum encompasses everything from the original, down home oyster shack to some of the finest culinary haunts in the country. The experience is coupled with amazing hotels, miles of unspoilt beaches, a vibrant art and music scene. The economy is strong,  they now refer to our town as Silicon Harbor – truly a quality of life that is hard to beat.  All of this is interwoven with the backdrop of one of the most historic cities in the country.  It continues to attract the best and brightest who are seeking a slightly more laid back pace of life. Charleston is flourishing!


AA: Your sense of color is amazing. What palettes are you using less? What colors do you always want to see more of?   

LE: We love to incorporate hints of color into our classic, cool tone palettes. Whether it’s a touch of buttery yellow, grapefruit pink, or pomegranate, we are enjoying finding ways to add in the next unexpected layer to the décor.  With any wedding, we strive to see and use colors that complement the natural surroundings of the wedding location. This can be touches of dark purple to accent the Aspen trees in a Colorado wedding, to Kelly Green and Pink to match the palm trees and Bahamian sunsets that truly are one of a kind.flowly-bridesmaid2014marthacharley


AA: You created a gorgeous low country wedding and the client’s rabbit, a local celebrity, was included in the theme and festivities. Are you seeing more animals invited to join the party?

LE: Our fab bunny, Lightfoot, is a bit on an anomaly because as local celebrity she truly was a star in our client’s wedding. We are definitely seeing a lots of dogs having their moment in the ceremony but for our clients it tends to be limited to their four legged furry friends.

the rabbit

AA: We’re seeing a return to classic, elegant, yet discreetly opulent wedding papers and even an uptick in requests for the most traditional foldover invitations. What do you see coming in paper trends?

LE: We completely agree! Our brides tend to lean toward classic and tradition, but they are allowing themselves to be creative and expressive with their save the dates and day-of details. We like to keep a cohesive thread for the entire suite, and we are finding that the Easton bride is interested in embracing  engraving, calligraphy, and classic typefaces for their wedding invitation. That being said we often suggest a beautiful liner, vintage stamps, or a colorful RSVP envelope to keep the palette consistent throughout the printed suite.


AA: You have a great deal of experience doing destination events. What is the most exciting and challenging venue for which you’ve designed?

LE: We love utilizing off-the-beaten track properties, especially in Europe where they tend to be a smidge more lenient about their rules. These estates, by their very nature, require the maximum planning and logistics, with typically a one way road system for load in and breakdown, but the effort is rewarded by the incredible visual impact that an extraordinary  venue has on the guests.  Particularly memorable was a wedding we planned near Portofino in an ancient abbey with only candlelight – literally no electric light. It was absolutely breathtaking.


AA: Finally, where will you be traveling to this summer for a moment of peace and quiet?

LE: We are going to the South of France for 10 days and staying at La Bastide de Gordes. Lots of family, fabulous food, extraordinary scenery and views. I always come back from the South of France feeling restored and inspired!