What Are They Packing?

July 4th Weekend is a wonderful time to take a long weekend to travel, whether it involves hiking in Aspen or relaxing on the beach.  Sometimes the most difficult part of traveling is the packing, so our  Creative Director, Leo Mascotte, and CEO, Lauren Marrus, have graciously shared their essentials for their summer destinations.

Leo’s Aspen hiking essentials

aspen parade

A Fourth of July Parade in Aspen


Lauren’s Beach essentials


Sandy Hook Beach, New Jersey

Spotlight on Sarah Goodwin

Dempsey & Carroll’s Austin Ackles sat down with Sarah Goodwin of Daisies and Pearls to chat about Maine and the coming seasons.

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AA: How did the name Daisies and Pearls come about?

SG: DAISIES & PEARLS pays homage to my two German Short Haired Pointers, Daisy Mae and Pearl, aka The Pointer Sisters.

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AA: What is your favorite thing about working in the beautiful state of Maine?

SG: What makes Maine the perfect wedding backdrop is the state’s versatility. It offers the ocean, lakes and mountains.

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AA: In the dead of Maine winter, how difficult is it pitching venues to clients looking for a vibrant summer festivity?

SG: Photography plays a key role in the wedding industry in so many ways. One role is it enables a client to visualize something intangible by painting a vivid portrait even in the dead of winter when summer seems so far away.

Justina Bilodeau Photography

AA: When you’re doing an event in winter, do you do any special preparations in case of exceptionally heavy snow?

SG: Regardless the season there should always be a Plan B. Outdoor events are very popular in Maine so I always coordinate a rain plan. The same for winter events. However snow is such a common occurrence of a Maine winter, it takes a real blizzard to slow down a Maine wedding.


AA: What materials are exciting and new for you right now?

SG: I try to steer away from trends drawing inspiration from my clients and their love story. Personally I am drawn to classic, timeless design.


AA: Where do you like to take Daisy and Pearl for some R and R?

SG: Daisy, Pearl and I love to relax in my hometown located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York.


Photo credits: Carrie Pellerin Photography, Justina Bilodeau Photography, Melissa Mullen Photography