A Spotlight on Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions in Aspen

Dempsey & Carroll curator, Austin Ackles, sat down with Virginia Edelson to discuss her work as an event planner in Aspen.unnamed

AA: Aspen is one of my favorite summer places. Do you do many weddings there in the winter or are most in the summer?

VE: Although Aspen winter weddings are absolutely magical, summer is the prime time for events and weddings in Aspen. The saying here goes: “people come for the winter and stay for the summer.” This is certainly true when events are the focus. There is significantly more for guests to do in the summertime (and hotel rates are much better!).


AA: Are there any extra considerations for those who want that dramatic high-peak mountainous backdrop for their ceremony?

VE: Indeed! Whenever we plan an outdoor wedding, weather and guest comfort are key items to keep into consideration. We always recommend a strong weather back up in case that gorgeous mountain backdrop is covered in clouds and rain. Moreover, guest comfort is always front and center at our events. Communication of proper attire, how weather can change, and proper footwear is always communicated to guests to ensure maximum comfort. We may just throw in a few extra goodies for their comfort at the event as well!!


AA: And are there any special concerns about the guests response to elevation changes?

VE: Fortunately, we rarely have any issues with guests coming to altitude for the wedding. However, we always remind guests to consume a lot of extra water prior to their arrival in Aspen and we often have an oxygen bar or mini cans of oxygen available for guest use once they arrive here.


AA: Have you ever done a wedding where skiing was somehow involved in the event itself?

VE: We have! One of the most memorable grand departures was a couple in full wedding attire skiing through a sparkler departure and then down Aspen Mountain with a special ski patrol escort. (I have photos!).


AA: What about wildlife? Any great sightings or surprise guests at a wedding or reception?

VE: There is a resident fox that tends to make a “surprise” appearance at almost all of the weddings on top of Aspen Mountain. Although we have our fair share of bears around town, we have yet to see one at a wedding. Most guests see them on their way through!!


AA: By now, you must have been involved in an event with a weather nightmare. Can you tell me about how it ended happily?

VE: Unfortunately we have. We tend to get storms that come and go relatively quick so they don’t impact our events to a great extent. However, we had an east coast style rainstorm all day one Saturday this summer. Our 300 person wedding was scheduled for mid-afternoon in a gorgeous meadow followed by a tented reception in the meadow. The weather broke shortly before guest arrival but it was clear we didn’t have too long until it returned. About 3/4 of the way through the ceremony, the rain returned and all of the umbrellas opened. As the mother of the groom exclaimed afterwards: “It was like hundreds of bottles of champagne popping open!” Although we didn’t have out picture perfect Bluebird day, it was certainly a dramatic and memorable one for the books. DSC_2702

60 Years From Now

Will a friend, lover, colleague be able to look back upon your words with fondness and appreciation – feeling the worn texture of the paper, drinking in old sentiments now faded, catching a scent of years gone by? Today is a great day to write a letter.

We had to call out the recent clip in the December, 1 2014 issue of People Magazine.

blog 12.10.14

“I will come again to the kitchen, pretending you are not there and discover you again. And as you stand there cooking breakfast, I will kiss your neck… .”

A Spotlight on Colin Cowie

Dempsey & Carroll event curator, Remo Nuzzolese, sat down with Colin to discuss his South African background and his inspirations.


RN: You have an amazing backstory. How does that experience affect your work?

CC: I was born in central Africa Zambia and we had one bad hotel, a couple of restaurants and a country club to which we belonged.   That said we entertained in our homes and making people welcome and happy was something that was instilled in me from a very early age.   Not to mention, I love creating environments where I get to make people happy.


RN: What is your relationship with your home-country? Do you still have ties with Southern Africa?

CC: South Africa is a country rich with history and culture. From the sunny coast to national parks brimming with incredible wildlife, it was a wonderful place to grow up and fortunately I get to visit my family there often. An important part of my collaboration with Dempsey & Carroll, is that it gives back to the youth of South Africa. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Lalela Project, a charity that provides educational arts to children in extreme poverty.


RN: Dempsey & Carroll and Colin Cowie have collaborated on a new collection of fine papers. What was the inspiration for these new designs?

CC: When most people think of a trip to South Africa, their thoughts go immediately to safaris, game drives and the iconic Big Five – the African elephant, rhino, Cape Buffalo, lion, and leopard- which is where I drew my inspiration for my collection with Dempsey & Carroll. These animals are the embodiment of both strength and beauty. Handwritten notes are a lost art and nothing is more special then getting a letter written on an elegant card. A handwritten note only takes a few minutes and it makes the receiver feel incredibly appreciated.


RN: In business you are known for being an incredible idea generator. What is the secret to contribute and play with such energy all the time?

CC: I love any event that includes people, food, cocktails and music! Every client and every party is different and I never do the same thing twice. When people ask me which event is my all time favorite, I always say it’s the next one I’m planning. I love to find new ways to push the envelope and create something extraordinary.


RN: You are clearly living the dream, but if for some crazy reason you had to choose another profession, what would it be?

CC: I would be a rock star, James Bond or a doctor!


RN: Is there a passion that you would like to cultivate in 2015?

CC: I travel a great deal and would love to discover new cultures and learn how other people live and celebrate life.

F. Schumacher’s 125th Anniversary

For 125 years F. Schumacher and Co. has delighted our senses with stunning interpretations of nature and architecture through what are now their icon wall coverings and fabrics. We remain honored to carry their inspiring tradition of design into their papers. Below is a reminder of just how impactful their work has been as featured in Architectural Digest – we know you’ll enjoy the piece as much as we did.