A Look Back at our 2018 Partnerships

As we look back at another great year at Dempsey & Carroll, our partnerships remain some of the most memorable highlights. 2018 brought several new collaborators into the Dempsey & Carroll mix, as well as some of our old friends who we were delighted to work with again. Our collaborations allow us to push ourselves in new directions – experimenting with new techniques and designs. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work alongside these visionary and truly wonderful brands this year. 


Caitlin McGauley 

Having worked with Caitlin in 2017 through our partnership with The Maryn we were thrilled when she decided to introduce stationery to her own business. Her whimsical, bright, beautiful designs have been favorites of ours since we began working with her in 2017 and we absolutely adored translating some of her famous animals and animal-inspired prints into stationery. Who can resist her charming fox or a pink cheetah with red spots?!

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Sister Parish Design 

We have been following Sister Parish Design for years now as admirers of their stunning prints, so you can imagine our delight when they approached us about developing a line of Sister Parish-inspired stationery. As the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Sister Parish herself, Susan and Eliza Crater lead their amazing brand and embody Sister’s vision. We took two iconic Parish Hadley prints, Serendipity and Desmond, and highlighted these motifs as classic stationery sets.

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Whispering Angel 

Who doesn’t love a little something pink? We absolutely adored working on this collaboration with the winery behind our favorite rosé. Two charming angels engraved in Whispering Angel’s signature pink adorn the top of the luxurious 4-ply note cards we created for this wonderful winery. Time to drink pink!

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Life Itself 

We partnered with the team behind Amazon Studios’ Life Itself this year to create a set of stationery reflecting two of the beautiful locations featured in this film. The stationery set showcases New York City and Carmona, Spain alongside a charming engraving of a fountain pen. The collaboration was inspired by the reasons we write, and connecting people in places thousands of miles away from one another.

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Lingua Franca 

We could never in our wildest dreams have imagined that one day we would be selling stationery that had been embroidered and even more so,  embroidered with the coolest phrases like “booyah” and “everyday i’m hustlin’,” and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Hi, it’s us, Dempsey & Carroll, a 140-year-old stationery brand just selling cards with Rick Ross lyrics on them! How cool?! We loved every second of working with Rachelle of Lingua Franca and her truly amazing team. We are so happy to be able to offer these amazing note cards and delighted to partner with Lingua Franca, a company whose work we admire and are proud to be affiliated with.

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Third time’s a charm (though we loved the first and second ones too!)! This holiday season we released our third collaboration with famed ready-to-wear brand, J.McLaughlin. We shifted towards playful prints inspired by the season and created by artist John Pirman paired with cheery engraved phrases like “What a bright time,” and “Cheers.” We’re certainly cheersing a few of our friends this December with these note cards

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Last Night with Tourism New Zealand


Despite the rain, nearly fifty guests joined us last night in celebration of our partnership with Tourism New Zealand. We are proud to unveil the beautiful Postcard Travel Journals that we created as a way to showcase the country’s breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty. Our showroom was meticulously decorated with enlarged versions of the journal’s photographs, surrounded by complementary Dempsey & Carroll papers.



DSC01531In addition to the stunning visuals, the wine was plentiful and the food was truly divine. We were treated to Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from Cloudy Bay Winery paired with delectable hors d’oeuvres from The Musket Room.

The Michelin Star rated restaurant presented us with a range of incredible, scrumptious treats. We enjoyed pork rillettes with huckleberry jam, squash tarts with zucchini puree, mushroom custard with truffle oil, and an outstanding cheese board. The canapés gave us a taste for New Zealand’s culinary flavors, leaving all of our guests eager for more.

We were able to learn more about New Zealand’s rich cultural identity by chatting with Adriana, who came as a representative of Tourism New Zealand while sipping on some of the finest and most delicious wines from New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region.



DSC01568Before the night was through, our guests were given gift bags which included copies of the Travel Journal, a Pure New Zealand pen, and other mementos. We would like to extend a special thank you to our friends at Tourism New Zealand for contributing to the wonderful evening and for working with us on this exciting collaboration. We hope that this event was an inspiration to visit one of the most diverse and unspoiled places on Earth.




Spotlight on Hall Cannon and Miles Refo

Refo-and-Cannon-LowDempsey & Carroll’s Austin Ackles sat down with ex-pats Hall Cannon and Miles Refo to talk about life in New Zealand and their wonderful resort, Otahuna Lodge


AA: The lodge was built more than a century ago and not long after Christchurch was founded. Who was its first resident and what are the origins of the Otahuna name?

HM: Otahuna’s first residents were Sir Heaton and Jessie Rhodes.  Having just married his bride, Heaton set out to build New Zealand’s largest private residence for his young wife as a rather extravagant wedding present.  Heaton would go on to live at Otahuna (which means “little hill”) for more than 60 years during which time he would be knighted no fewer than four times and come to be recognized as the “grandfather” of modern New Zealand politics.  It was a pretty amazing life! 



AA: Was Otahuna always a working farm?

HM: Essentially, yes.  During Heaton and Jessie’s time the property comprised more that 5000 acres and was utilized as a sheep and cattle station.  (A New Zealand station is the equivalent of a US ranch.)  However, after Heaton’s death in 1956 the property became a teaching seminary of the Christian Brothers and then in 1972 was converted into a commune.  Following the commune days, the house was used a private home for several families before we opened it as a Lodge in 2007.  Today, we utilize the grounds to grow some 120 different varieties of fruits, nuts and vegetables and raise our own sheep, chickens and pigs.  For us, the concept of farm-to-table isn’t new or faddish but is instead just a modern interpretation of how the property was originally conceived.


AA: The lodge is grand and has just a handful of exquisite suites. Do you ever get the urge to expand or do you enjoy the intimacy too much to even consider the idea?

HM: We love our size at Otahuna.  Part of what makes the property so special is the ability for guests to stay in a living, breathing piece of New Zealand history and experience a unique level of personal interaction with our fantastic team.  But, make no mistake, the house is no museum.  Rather, we just have the opportunity to be a part of some 120 years of stories.  And, while we may be small with only seven guest suites, there is a lot in the works for the Lodge including our launch later this year by Random House of our first book, For the Love of a Place: The Stories and Cuisine of Otahuna


AA: There are endless wonderful experiences to be had in the area including fly-fishing, exploring the Southern Alps, horseback riding, and swimming among the world’s least common and smallest dolphins. What was the most unusual experience a guest has requested and what were some challenges in the process of fulfilling that wish?

HM: Almost every day we curate interesting, “out-of-the box” experiences for guests.  A particular recent stand-out was creating an “ice bar” for guests at 10,000 feet!  The bar, set high on a glacier, in the Southern Alps was carved from glacial ice and served as the perfect spot to chill a bottle or two of champagne for a special group.  Reachable only via helicopter, we had to keep a close watch on weather conditions, but we pulled it off for some very surprised guests and the experience was truly an ultimate, “only at Otahuna” day!


AA: Are there certain experiences that you find guests requesting over and over?

 HM: Sure.  We’ll see nearly every day a request for a guided tour of our historic botanic and productive gardens with Head Gardener Steve Marcham including a prerequisite visit to “Oink-a-huna,”our pig pen featuring our rather adorable Devon Black piglets.  Also, there is no better way to understand the connection between our gardens and our acclaimed kitchens than to enjoy a cooking lesson with Executive Chef Jimmy McIntyre and, of course, a sneak peek of our Wine Cellar in what was originally the property’s Game House. 




AA: Lastly, please tell us what you miss most about New York City?

HM: Honestly, what we miss most is Mexican food!  In fact, we now grow chilies and peppers here in our gardens so that we have access to the necessary ingredients to make a perfect enchilada or tamale “down under” and right here at Otahuna…  

Pop, Clink, Fizz: Five Bubbling Beverages Sure To Be the Life of the Party

Dempsey & Carroll’s event curator Austin Ackles sat down with Tana Povolo of A Day in May events to recommend five fantastic wedding champagnes…Here’s what she said:

Jen Kroll Photography (2)

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label – There is something to be said about the phrase, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”   We think French Champagne is the bee’s knees and Veuve Clicquot’s label just happens to be the color of honey. This well-known Champagne has developed a devout following that continues to grow as the brand evolves. Fun packaging and unique gifting ideas have set the company and their products apart and their contemporary approach to traditional champagne appeals to young, modern couples. What better way to invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be a part of your wedding party than with the gift of bubbly? The Clicquot Mailbox and Clicquot Clutch both make that possible.


Why buy? Great price point for a French Champagne, well-known, classic taste and brand, fun gifting opportunities

veuve-clicquot.com (1) 

Rose Imperial by Moet Chandon – Think pink; pink Champagne that is! Just the right amount of girly with juicy berry tasting notes this blush hued bubbly would be the perfect way kick off a tea party themed bridal shower complete with vintage china, lush garden floral arrangements and miniature desserts. Light and lively, why not serve this distinctive beverage in one of Waterford’s etched Champagne coupes. The perfect finishing touch!


Why buy? Ladylike flare from a well-known, quality producer. Perfect for pre-wedding festivities or other wedding weekend events.

us.moet.com (1)

Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux by Premium Vintage Cellars – No, you’re not seeing things; this unique sparkling wine is indeed a brilliant shade of pastel blue! This Chardonnay based bubbly features a hint of fresh blueberry making the final product “dry, crisp and refreshing”. The perfect color for a waterside affair, Blanc de Bleu would be best served in a crystal clear, modern style flute, or better yet, let your guests enjoy the beautiful label on one of the Piccolo bottles.


Why buy?: Unique, fun color, something different, hint of blueberry is perfect for summer, sold in Piccolo bottles for easy passing and individualized consumption

blancdebleu.com (1)

Blanc de Blancs by L. Mawby Winery – Your first thought when you think of sparkling wine is most likely not Northern Michigan but due to the large bodies of water that surround the Leelanau Peninsula, the temperate climate makes for the perfect place to grow grapes. Listed as one of “The 20 Most Admired People in the North American Wine Industry” by Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, Proprietor and Winemaker Larry Mawby made his first bubbly in 1984 and has never looked back. Made entirely of Chardonnay grapes, the Blanc de Blancs features “spiced apple aromas” and is described as “zesty and crisp”. Taking a cue from Northern Michigan’s casual, yet sophisticated appeal, this sparkler would stand out in a personalized, stemless flute which could be gifted to the newlyweds with a personalized monogram.


Why buy? Casual enough for a vineyard wedding with a relevant palette for Champagne lovers


Sparkling Pinot Grigio by 2Lads Winery – Another fabulous Michigan sparkler this time from the Old Mission Peninsula, the Sparkling Pinot Grigio from 2Lads is as unique as the bottle it comes in. “Natural aromatics of almond biscotti, baked pear, toasted oats and crisp apple” tease the palette as you imbibe in this Brut bubbly. The pry off cap and sleek bottle design may convert your microbrew loving man over to the dark- or light and refreshing- side. So grab your sweetie along with a well-stocked picnic basket (GoVino glasses are great for the outdoors) and head to the hills for a relaxing pre-wedding night out.


Why buy? Unexpected, traditional with a modern edge, approachable to the masses, low quantity high quality producer

2lwinery.com (1) govinowine.com (1)


Photos courtesy of:



Blanc de Bleu



Jen Kroll Photography