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Our 144th Birthday!

This coming Sunday marks Dempsey & Carroll’s 144th birthday!

While almost every aspect of 21st century New York would feel foreign to John Dempsey and George Carroll, our shop on 1049 Lexington would be a source of familiarity and comfort.  We have continued to celebrate the art of engraving since 1878!

In the 19th century, John Dempsey was considered to be one of the most talented engravers in New York City while George Carroll had garnered significant advertising experience.  They joined forces and used their respective expertise to grow the company.  The first store and factory were located at 46 East 14th Street in Union Square located between University Place and Broadway.  By February 1889, the Dempsey & Carroll had purchased the entire building with the sales room on the ground floor and the manufacturing department on the upper floors. The Union Square store was to be the last time the Dempsey & Carroll storefront was located in the same building as the factory.

Dempsey & Carroll also made a name for itself by publishing books and pamphlets on social etiquette and the art of the correspondence card. Through these books, the company set the standard for etiquette while simultaneously providing the highest quality stationery available. These publications also contained examples of their work, including monograms and coats of arms. In particular, weddings and invitations were regularly featured because, just as today, they could involve many nuanced elements of etiquette. These books and pamphlets were primarily written by Mr. Carroll and were engraved, typeset and printed by Dempsey & Carroll.

In celebration of Dempsey & Carroll’s birthday, we invite you to send a handwritten note to a loved one!

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