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Carolyn + Zach

Carolyn and Zach chose our Embassy sized invitations with baron ink.  The couple went with a modern typestyle called “Veritas.”  The invitations are finished with silver foiled edges.  The inner envelopes are lined with matte paper, featuring an art deco inspired design. 

When/where did you get married?

I got married at the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center

What made you choose Dempsey and Carroll for your wedding stationery?

This one’s a long one!  I have been a fan of Dempsey & Carroll for as long as I’ve been watching the stationery world.  When it came to my wedding, there was no other option in my eyes – Dempsey was and is the best there is!  (I’ve also worked alongside the company for years and remain its biggest fan even when at other jobs! It’s the absolute be all end all!)










What did you want your wedding stationery to reflect and where did you draw inspiration from?

I wanted it to be timeless and classic while paying tribute to the venue. We were so lucky to get married in such an iconic space and I wanted to pull details of the setting into the design.

I wanted to pull in some of the elements of Rainbow Room and the Art Deco components into the design so we chose a font that felt matched the time period of Rainbow Room’s heyday and pulled in architectural details into the lining of the envelope.

Any advice for brides/grooms that are in the planning process?

Have fun with it!  And hold on to your reply cards – there is nothing better than looking through people’s responses to your invitations.  Going through them brings a smile to my face years later!  Such a fun memento.

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