A spotlight on Bellafare

Senior Event curator Austin Ackles sat down with Kristin Doggett of Bellafare

AA: I keep hearing more and more people say there’s no longer a wedding season. Do you agree?

KD: For us, the spring-fall is still our ‘wedding season,’ however, we have had more and more weddings during the winter months. Since weddings are now often destination, it is true that the season doesn’t quite matter as much anymore.

AA: Have you ever advised a client against a venue or destination but they absolutely wouldn’t budge?

KD: Yes, we have advised clients against certain venues because of spacing restrictions, however, they had their heart set on the venue ever since their engagement. We just had to be a bit creative at that point!

AA: Are there big advantages to having a wedding that isn’t in the busiest season?

KD: Venues tend to have lower pricing during the off season (especially hotels) and, therefore, you may be able to get a better value hosting your wedding during the off season. Hosting your wedding on a Friday or Sunday versus a Saturday will also save you money.

AA: Are pretty much all your clients doing a Save the Date now? Even if it’s not a destination wedding?

KD: Yes, we always encourage our clients to send out save the dates 6-8 months in advance, as guests’ have lots of personal obligations and we want to make sure they reserve the date well in advance. In addition, we often include the wedding website link and/or accommodation card, where guests can find more pertinent information regarding travel and accommodations.

AA: You both love to travel the world, but is it sometimes a relief when you do a wedding that’s right here in New York City?

KD: Absolutely! Sometimes, there is nothing better than an iconic NYC wedding. Here in the city, there are so many incredible venues to choose from, from old banks, to museums, to modern lofts; the sky is the limit when planning a wedding in New York City.


bella“Lauren and I are good friends and have a lot of fun working together, which I think our clients recognize and appreciate. We bring different skill sets to the table, making us a good team, constantly offering different perspective and ideas. ” -KD

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