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Spotlight on Mariah Grumet of Old Soul Etiquette

Mariah Grumet of Old Soul Etiquette is an etiquette consultant and our latest collaborator! We had the pleasure of speaking to her about how she started her business, her philosophy on etiquette, and how to incorporate letter writing into your daily life.

What sparked your interest in etiquette?

Etiquette is something that has interested me since I was a teen. I can credit that to my old soul for sure. Most people assume that I grew up with very formal etiquette training, when in fact I never participated in cotillion, I was not a Debutante, and I never took a formal etiquette course until I was an adult. I was not raised in a super formal home; however, my siblings and I were brought up knowing that kindness and respect were two of the most important aspects of navigating this world. When you get to the root of what etiquette is about, it is just that, kindness and respect. When I first moved to NYC to work in fashion, I took an etiquette course as a fun weekend activity. I realized that I was missing my calling. It was a gut feeling. While I worked my corporate job, I completed for my first teaching certification and launched OSE’s social media, followed by my website and services. Eventually I took a huge leap of faith and left my job in the fashion industry to pursue my passion, and it was the best decision I could have ever made.


What inspired you to turn your interest in etiquette into a career?

It allows me to merge together the things I am most passionate about: kindness and respect, intentional living, and helping people discover the confidence to reach their full potential. I am grateful every single day that I am able to call this my career!


What does a day in the life of an etiquette expert look like?

Each day looks different from the last! As someone who thrives off of a routine, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy that coming from a corporate background- but I truly couldn’t ask for anything better! It keeps things so exciting. Most days I am teaching in some form whether that be virtually or in-person with private clients, group webinars, corporate presentations, special events etc. I also spend some days working on special projects like my book that is coming out soon, or a wonderful collaboration such as this one. I also reserve time to work on my social media, which has been an integral part of my brand. While most days are spent with my fabulous clients and community, some days are less glamorous and dedicated to administrative work, new course creation, bookkeeping, contracts, etc. Those are the days where it is just me, my materials, my computer, and a hot cup of tea (or three). In-between teaching, projects, and business tasks, I always try to make time for my continued education as well.


Etiquette is often seen as a forgotten art. How has being a millennial shaped your philosophy on etiquette?

My mission is to bring an intentional sparkle back to the lost aspects of this art. Etiquette evolves as our world does! Being in my 20s has allowed me to connect with both the younger and older generations to modernize important traditions and get to the root of what etiquette is all about: kindness and respect for ourselves and others and having a strong level of social awareness.

What is a piece of etiquette advice that you think more people should carry with them in their daily life?

Practice introducing yourself properly, presenting yourself in the best way possible while doing so, and preparing a response to “tell me about yourself.” The way we present ourselves in those first few moments of meeting someone can open so many doors.


How do you incorporate letter writing into your daily life? How do you recommend other people incorporate letter writing into their lives?

I am such a fan of letter writing. There is something so special about sending and receiving real mail in our lighting speed-paced, digital world. I incorporate hand-written notes into my children’s, tween, and teen courses. My personal letter writing most often consists of thank you notes for clients, business partners, hosts, etc. However, my favorite form of letter writing is what I call “just because” letters. I will send these to a friend or family member to let them know I am thinking of them or grateful for them, for example. I encourage everyone to consider adding “just because” letters to their letter writing ritual.


What is the most exciting part about this collaboration for you?

It is certainly the fact that I had the opportunity to form a relationship with such an incredible brand and team that share so many of the same values as me and my brand.

Thank you so much to Mariah for taking the time to speak with us! Learn more information about Mariah and Old Soul etiquette on her website and on her Instagram @OldSoulEtiquette

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