Other Things That Happened in 1878…

As many of you know, 1878 was the year Dempsey & Carroll was founded in New York, but it was also the year that these things happened too!

January 1 – Cleopatra’s Needle arrives in London.


January 5 – At the Battle of Shipka Pass IV, Russian and Bulgarian forces defeat the Ottoman Empire.

January 10 – The Senate proposes Female suffrage.

January 14 – US Supreme court rules race separation on trains unconstitutional.

January 16 – Captain Burago with a squadron of Russian Imperial army dragoons liberates Plovdiv from Ottoman rule.

January 22 – Canada wins right to decide whether or not to be included in British trade treaties.

January 25 – Turkish steamer becomes the first ship to be sunk by a torpedo, fired from a Russian boat.


January 28 – First telephone exchange (New Haven CT), and George W. Coy hired as first full-time telephone operator.

February 10 – Peter Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony in F premieres.

February 11 – The first US bicycle club, Boston Bicycle Club, forms.

February 11 – The first weekly weather report published in UK.

February 16 – The silver dollar becomes legal tender. 

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