Quaker Oats Revamps Their Image

There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal last week about the “rosy-cheeked, white-haired man,” Larry, on every Quaker Oats product.  PepsiCo, owner of Quaker Oats, has given Larry and the rest of the Quaker Oats logo, a makeover in hopes of more closely aligning itself with healthy-living while also reminding customers of its heritage.  PepsiCo has slimmed-down Larry’s face and added his shoulders and chest to their logo make him look “stronger and more vibrant”.  The logo, once just Larry’s face and the word “Quaker” underneath, is now Larry’s face and shoulders on a two-toned red chevron with their “Est 1877” atop a band of gold.  This revamped logo serves “to reinforce a message of tradition, quality and trust”. 

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