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Stationery for New Graduates

Graduation season is upon us, which means it’s time to start celebrating your grad!  It is no surprise that our favorite gift is custom, personalized stationery; not only is it a deluxe and unique gift, it is practical and classic!

Bespoke stationery is the perfect sendoff for graduates as they transition to the next chapter of their life.  Whether they are entering the workforce, applying to grad school, or anything in-between, thank-you notes are a must!   Sending a handwritten thank-you note to a potential employer is an excellent and easy way to stand out among applicants.  With stationery made-to-order to reflect the style of the individual, graduates avoid scrambling to find a suitable and appropriate card to send for any and every occasion.  Thank-you notes aside, recent graduates can carry on using their personalized stationery for countless occasions, like wishing a friend “Happy Birthday”, congratulating someone, sending a “Get well soon” message, or even for no reason at all!

In addition to correspondence cards, calling cards are an excellent gift for graduates.  These cards, usually small enough to fit in one’s wallet, are perfect for networking.  Social, educational, and professional networking are all important for life after graduation.  Handing someone your beautifully crafted and personalized calling card is the perfect way to stay remembered!

To sum it up, custom stationery is timeless and will set your graduate up for success!

Check out the link below to explore Basic Bespoke options:

EVERYDAY BASIC BESPOKE – Dempsey & Carroll (

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