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Yes, People Do Still Love Paper! – Why Handwritten Notes are in Vogue

In an era where conversations about the metaverse and cryptocurrency feel inescapable, it seems that the world is beginning to lean away from tangible experiences. As a brand that prides itself on preserving the tangible, we at Dempsey and Carroll are constantly fielding the question “do people even use this stuff anymore?” But in a recent article, Axios asked their readers if they still value a handwritten note. The response was overwhelmingly positive – yes! In fact, across all generations it seems that the novelty of the handwritten note is what makes it so special. “Thank-you notes are such a dying art that the person I’m thanking often thanks me for sending the note,” one reader shared. The New York Times published an article expressing a similar sentiment, consulting with our collaborator Nick Leighton of the Were You Raised By Wolves podcast. Nick shared similar findings, stating that “thousands of listeners tell us that they’re disappointed in how no one writes notes anymore saying thanks.”

Inspired by the above stories, we reached out to our followers on Instagram (@DempseyCarroll for the unacquainted) to find out why they love handwritten notes.

“[I value] the time and energy someone put into writing something to me and the memories attached to their handwriting.” –@fewerandbetterblog

“I love how personal handwritten notes are – from the person’s handwriting to their stationary choice, you can learn so much more about someone. Unlike emails, they become keepsakes forever.” –@toiles_to_the_wall

It’s personal! A tangible sign that someone spent time thinking of you.” – @emmadahlia

“I could say the paper or the penmanship, but the ones I love the most are the ones that come from loved ones. I have a box filled with little notes my partner has sent me.” – @fashionbymollyy

“I keep all handwritten letters and notes… text/emails are temporary and written words last generations. Long after I’m gone, people can read letters my grandma sent to me.” – @henrijames13_

“Handwriting is so similar to a voice. It’s so unique and special. It can’t be repeated because that one handwritten card is original and shares a glimpse into the moment it was written.” – @keelbakidze

As we head into the holiday season, consider a handwritten note to express gratitude for the people in your life. Whether you send a thank you note to your in-laws for hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday card to distant friends, a few thoughtful words can go a long way. Looking forward to the new year, consider keeping stationery on hand. We at Dempsey and Carroll make that easy; our annual correspondence card sale during the month of January offers bespoke stationery at a very affordable price. Looking for inspiration? Click here to browse our Instagram!

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