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Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we have compiled a list of our favorite gifts for dad!

1.Destination Anywhere

For the dad who loves travel and adventure, our Destination Anywhere collection is the perfect gift!  The collection features three beautifully engraved motifs: a globe, an airplane, and a camera.  Each set features envelopes lined with detailed map drawings in corresponding colors.












2. “Were You Raised by Wolves?”

This card set was done in collaboration with Nick Leighton and Leah Bonnema, the cohosts of “Were You Raised by Wolves?”, a riveting yet practical podcast on etiquette.  The stationery set includes 10 cards with a hand painted grey border.  The envelopes are lined with an art deco inspired print, perfect for dads who have a more modern taste.













This correspondence set is an absolute classic!  The engraved clock showcases crisp and rich linework, while the envelopes are hand finished with a navy and black houndstooth fabric pattern, adding a unique element of surprise.













4. Gold Bee on Ecru

This new card set is a wonderful gift for anyone who has an affinity for nature!  The bumblebee, one of our favorite motifs from the archive, is engraved in gold ink.  We lined the corresponding envelopes with a soft moss green paper.  We love pairing this set with the tan leather write away, which compliments the warm undertones of the stationery.











5. Esterbrook Estie Rollerball

These rollerball pens are an excellent gift, perfect for those who love to write!  The outer shell of the pen has a beautiful marbleized appearance.  This particular model comes in multiple colorways- from a warm honeycomb to a vivid cobalt blue.

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