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April is National Letter Writing Month!

National Letter Writing Month has fallen upon us – it’s time to start writing!  The United States Postal Service dedicated April to letter writing back in 2001.  What better way to celebrate than putting pen to paper and writing out some thoughtful sentiments?  Below are some tips to help inspire your efforts:

  1. The idea of writing a letter can be intimidating to some, but don’t let it overwhelm you! Just because it’s a letter doesn’t mean it has to be incredibly lengthy – checking in on someone, expressing gratitude, or recalling a fun/meaningful memory doesn’t have to be particularly drawn-out.
  2. Is there someone close in your life that you haven’t spoken to in quite some time? Write to them and ask how they’ve been, maybe even propose you meet for a coffee; it will be a wonderful surprise in the mail for that long-lost friend!
  3. Express gratitude for someone and the relationship you share. If we’re lucky, we have certain people in life that we can always count on, people who we can’t imagine our life without.  Whether it’s a parent, a favorite cousin, or a dear friend, write to them and tell them how much they mean to you.  This is the type of letter that once received, is a beautiful and timeless keepsake.
  4. If someone has had you over for dinner recently or took you out for drinks, a handwritten note expressing your appreciation will let them know how much it meant to you!
  5. Get creative and have fun with it! One way to make a letter extra special, is to recall a memory you have with someone- it can be a moment that solidified a friendship or just a funny memory that you know will make them smile!

For more inspiration, click the image below to download our letter writing month calendar!









Happy writing!

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