The Romance of Writing

With the upcoming arrival of Valentine’s Day, many of us are contemplating ways to express our love and affection.  Some might stop by the local flower stand, while others pick up a dainty piece of jewelry.  No doubt, these are wonderful gifts-I would never pass up a bouquet of roses or sparkling earrings- but, there is nothing quite like a handwritten note.

A handwritten note or letter cannot simply be bought at the store, it takes thought and reflection.  Writing a letter is perhaps the only way to articulate your thoughts and feelings in a way that is tangible- you can even describe your favorite memories with someone, whether they be comical or more emotionally driven.  Such letters can serve as keepsakes to look back on; I, for one, can never throw out a personal and meaningful note I’ve been given.


So, this Valentine’s Day, consider putting pen to paper and express how much someone means to you- whether its your significant other or family member or anyone that has had a positive impact on your life!  It is a simple, understated, yet remarkable way of showing someone you care.

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