‘Style & Simplicity’ has arrived!




A long time friend of Dempsey & Carroll, Ted Kennedy Watson, has just published a gorgeous lifestyle book called ‘Style & Simplicity’ on May 6th. The pages are brimming with colorful shots of home decor and dripping with inspiration. It arrived today in our showroom and we are fawning over it!

Ted is the proprietor of two specialty home shops in Seattle, and the writer for the self-titled blog, Ted Kennedy Watson. We have long adored Ted and his impeccably curated taste, and could not be happier for his success. 

Another exciting part of this launch is the new Ted Kennedy Watson Paper Collection partnership with Dempsey & Carroll. Ted’s passion for living life well, paired with his eye for the finer things in life define his new paper collection. These cards and envelopes remind us to share elegance and grace with the world around us. Every word counts.

Purchase the book here: Ted Kennedy Watson’s ‘Style & Simplicity’

Check out the paper collection here: Ted Kennedy Watson Paper Collection

Very exciting stuff! Do you guys have new, exciting things happening in your lives? Pass them on. We would love to hear the news!

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