New Years Notes

A New Year, A New Note

The arrival of 2014 marks the advent of changes for many of us. As each new year approaches, we wade deeper into our marriage to technology, constantly checking our smart phones for text messages and emails with the tap of a finger. So I ask, what better time is there than now to reach for your favorite pen and stationery and write to someone you care about? It is undeniable that there is a personal touch embedded in the handwritten note that just can’t be replicated in emails. Share your wishes for good health and happiness with those who mean the most to you by leaping into 2014 on (or with) a positive note.

  • Think about your own reasons for writing your note. The reasons to write to someone are endless and timeless, whether it’s to someone to thank her for a fun evening, a kind gesture, or a gift or to let someone know that you are thinking about her.
  • Settle into your favorite spot before beginning to write. I personally enjoy lighting candles and turning on some calm music to collect my thoughts so I write something that is sincere and heartfelt.
  • To add your own personal touch, use colorful adjectives to highlight your sentiments or memories of an experience—the more specific, the more heartfelt the note will be.
  • Sign your note in a way that will create a lasting effect on the person to whom you are sending it. Try something simple like Best wishes if you are writing to a close friend or opt for the classic Love for family members or a love interest.

Remember that writing a note or letter means that you offer a tiny piece of yourself to the person to whom you write. The notes you send this year may very well become keepsakes, even mementos that can unlock the past in the years to come.

Beginning a note to start the new year.

Madeleine Garone,

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