The Cutest Correspondents: Dear Santa Letters

With the snow dusting New York City last night, the holiday spirit has officially set in at the Dempsey & Carroll office. We love traditions here, especially ones that involve hand-written letters! That’s why the Dear Santa letter-writing is one of our favorite holiday customs. Nothing is a better combination than hand-written notes and children’s candid humor. All of December, we will be posting letters to spread the laughter and cheer.

Letter Courtesy of Mom.me

The letter above reads:

“Dear Santa

Hope that this letter finds you well. Please sign this picture of you for me. Also, I found a photo of Harold & Wallace (two of your elves) on holiday. They must be back now at this busy time of year so please if you can find them to sign their photo it will bring me great glee & warmth to the ends of my toenails. Merry Christmas!!!!”

The closing, “It will bring me great glee & warmth to the ends of my toenails,” is the most darling thing we have read in a while!

Do you have any good Dear Santa letters? send them our way!

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