Celebrating purple

We’re big fans of the color purple here at Dempsey & Carroll. Purple ink on correspondence cards are still pretty rare, so it’s nice to come across them between the more standard colors like black or regent blue. Plus they look especially beautiful on our white, ecru, or gray paper:


Colin Cowie Celebrations show how purple can also be used for weddings, ranging from soft, pastel tones to the bold and dramatic.


Would love to make the invitations for this party!

Ink colorsCan you envision purple for your next celebration?

Today is #Spiritday. Stand against bullying and show support for LGBT youth with the color purple today: http://glaad.org/spiritday

1 thought on “Celebrating purple”

  1. In Baltimore, we celebrate all things PURPLE because that’s the colour of our Ravens football team. In fact, we do Purple Fridays where it’s not unusual to see purple clothing on all sorts of people!

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