135 Years of Dempsey & Carroll



135 years ago today, John Dempsey, a talented engraver, and George Carroll, a savvy businessman, collaborated in the founding of a company that would not only provide its clients with luxury writing papers but also offer advice on etiquette and proper decorum in a variety of social settings.

Today, we are proud to be a part of the history of this wonderful brand with deep roots in American tradition.  What an honor and responsibility to continue and enhance this legacy in the new millennium!

Nine years ago I was lucky to be part of a team of investors who purchased the assets of this storied, but at the time temporarily suspended, brand.  Our first order of business was reconnecting with our customers and getting our production up and running so we could serve them.   We did this quickly and were fully operational within a month of closing on the purchase.

Today, we continue to grow rapidly – working with new clients every day, adding designer collaborations, expanding with new retail partners and continuing to provide the highest level of client service with the finest engraving and most luxurious papers.

Our staff is dedicated, hardworking and in love with fine papers and the written word.  As we all connect more and more through email and social media, the impact and power of a handwritten note has never been stronger. Our mission is to continue this tradition and make it even more special for our clients and their colleagues, friends and families.

While our chapter in the Dempsey & Carroll history represents less than 10% of its total legacy, we take our mandate seriously – Dempsey & Carroll, made in America, is a brand and a company that will continue to flourish for generations to come. The impression of the handwritten note on the finest engraved paper has never been more powerful or meaningful.


We thank you for being a part of our history to date and we invite you to continue this long standing tradition with us for many years to come.



Lauren Marrus







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