Painting the Perfect Peony

Artist Kati Sellers created the gorgeous pattern we applied to our stationery for The Peony Collection, which debuted this spring. We invited her to introduce herself to our readers, and to speak about her work and the creation of this lush floral.

katisellers-webI am a native Georgian and a graduate of the University of Georgia. Currently I work as a graphic designer for an arts and crafts manufacturer. I love the creative process. When I am not at work, I stay busy painting with watercolors and acrylics. I would describe my work as expressive and colorful.

When I was presented with the peony project, the color palette was suggested as well. The subdued color palette was a big departure from my usual bright pinks and oranges. I love the look though. The color palette has a sophistication and quietness about it that is beautiful. It just works. I was thrilled with the end results.

The full pattern Kati created for our collection
The full pattern Kati created for our collection




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