Daily Cup of Couture: Soiree to Stationery

Darlings, as you already know, it is always appropriate to send a thoughtful thank-you note after someone has hosted you for any type of soiree! I am always of the mind that it is fun to match your note with the theme or decor of the fabulous fete. A tablescape I absolutely adore is one that incorporates classic ginger jars with lush hydrageas. For a fun and fizzy touch, it is perfect to serve the tiny bottles of Blue Pommery “Pop” Champagne.

The Dempsey & Carroll stationery which matches most perfectly with this type of soiree is the ever-classic and elegant Gold Bumble Bee Correspondence Card on beautiful Dempsey Blue. The peitit size of the card is just enough room for a short yet sincere thank-you.

And for those of you who may not have been on their best behavior, there are always these cheeky Dempsey & Carroll cards …

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