Daily Cup of Couture: Soiree to Stationery

Darlings, as you already know, it is always appropriate to send a thoughtful thank-you note after someone has hosted you for any type of soiree! I am always of the mind that it is fun to match your note with the theme or decor of the fabulous fete. A tablescape I absolutely adore is one that incorporates classic ginger jars with lush hydrageas. For a fun and fizzy touch, it is perfect to serve the tiny bottles of Blue Pommery “Pop” Champagne.

The Dempsey & Carroll stationery which matches most perfectly with this type of soiree is the ever-classic and elegant Gold Bumble Bee Correspondence Card on beautiful Dempsey Blue. The peitit size of the card is just enough room for a short yet sincere thank-you.

And for those of you who may not have been on their best behavior, there are always these cheeky Dempsey & Carroll cards …

A Cuppa with Daily Cup of Couture: Fall Flavor

Darlings, I must admit that Fall is absolutely my favorite season for fashion and this year is no exception! This Fall I am utterly inspired by classic Equestrian style with hints of “Hermes” orange. I adore the juxtaposition of complementing timeless elements such as navy blazers and camel coats with just a hint of edge like leopard, feathers, and fur!

Photo credits from left to right: Boots & Hermes Boxes via House Beautiful Magazine / Navy Blazer & Valentino Rockstud Bag via Glamour.de / Valentino Rockstud Shoes via Olivia Palermo’s Photostream / Fur Collar Coat via Sartorial Girl

What is beyond fabulous is that Dempsey & Carroll offers the perfect correspondence cards to pair back with these Fall Fashion trends. I will certainly use these all season long! Remember darlings, there is nothing quite like snail mail! 

And Now the Ampersand

“Even in its more basic modern form, the ampersand is far more than abbreviation. It also signifies permanence, not least to a professional partnership; Dean & Deluca are clearly in it for the long haul, as are Ben & Jerry’s, Marks & Spencer and the magazines House & Garden and Town & Country. But Simon and Garfunkel? No wonder they kept splitting up.“

Just My Type, by Simon Garfield

I love substituting the ampersand’s florid strokes for the pedestrian “and” when a design calls for added panache. Dempsey & Carroll wouldn’t be the same without it, so this quirky character holds a special place in our hearts.

The Dempsey & Carroll ampersand as it appears on the book “Happy Thoughts!” published over a hundred years ago. The image below is our ampersand in its current form.

The ampersand is originally attributed to Marcus Tiro from 63 B.C. who needed a shorthand abbreviation of the Latin ‘et,’ which means “and.” In many of its graphic iterations you can still discern these letters interlaced. The term “ampersand” was  actually coined many years after the character was added to the English alphabet, and comes from combining the words “and per se and.”

As we approach our 135th anniversary within the coming year, we can only aspire to the ampersand’s longevity. 

1. Gold Ring, $96 / Solid Maple Butcher Block, $120 / Cast Iron Bookend, $200 / night at The Ampersand Hotel in London, GBP 182.75

Mollie Little

The surface of your desk is a canvas begging to be dressed.

Keeping your office tidy will help keep your thoughts in order, and adding elegant and inspiring touches will help keep you motivated. The desk is as much an expression of personal style and taste as the jewelry around your neck.

We prefer to bedeck our work surfaces with glittering accessories that are as useful as they are beautiful. Avoid clutter and confusion with these stunning pieces of desk jewelry- each with a unique splash of decadence.1. Croc Pencil Cup, $65 / 2. Engraved 2013 Calendar, $125 / 3. The Giving Tree, $8 4. Gold Plated Tape Dispenser, $182 / 5. Classic Annello Gold Fountain Pen, $775 / 6. Gem Bookends, $950

Even the most modern approach to a workspace can be adorned with subtle, stunning details. Our Engraved Desk Calendar doesn’t require a boot up to be of use. A simple glance up will help you keep your days straight. Leave the task managing to your tablet.

The blog Simple Desks shows us how it’s done in their daily posts of orderly, serene desk surfaces. We added our Calendar with Easel to their image above, illustrating the touch of fancy it can bring without adding unnecessary clutter. We love how this sleek office design uses a touch of glitz and contrasting textures to brighten up.

How do you touch up your work space to make it truly yours? Show us in the comment section!

Mollie Little