Welcome to the Neighborhood, Maison Kayser

We are thrilled to welcome Eric Kayser’s boulangerie, patisserie, and café, Maison Kayser, to the Upper East Side!

You may have visited a Maison Kayser on your travels through France, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Greece, Morocco, or Senegal. We are honored that our little pocket of Manhattan is the first US outpost!

With approximately 1,000 loaves of the fresh bread emerging from their ovens every day, not to mention delicious pastries, tartes, sandwiches, and more, Maison Kayser has already proven to be the perfect breakfast, lunch, and hot-bread-on-the-way-home detour. 


Maison Kayser is dripping with chic Parisian style from the minute you spy the sweet, orange delivery bikes complete with basket and bell to the striped shirts and scarves worn by the staff.

 We say “Oui, oui!”

We’re pitching My Cupcakes and Crackers – Eric’s latest culinary exploration – for our book club once it’s released. We’ll need to brush up on our French!

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