An Homage to Ombré

Dempsey & Carroll’s homage to ombré this season is a gradient mix of our signature paper and ink colors in like hues. We are seeing ombré everywhere – hair, nails, dresses, and even cake!

Pink Ombré Swirl Cake @ Glorious Treats

No matter your personal take on the ombré trend currently raging through the style sections of every fashion publication – historically it never seems to fade away. Paper is a stunning way to express this “trend.” The use of the word first appeared in the 15th century (depending on your search results and the spelling of ombré) and was formally introduced into the English language in 1893, in A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language; Walter W. Skeat. Ombré, or umbrage for those who prefer the use of Middle English from the Latin umbraticum; means of shade.  Another juicy tidbit is Shakespeare’s derived use in his reference to a smirk in his title As You Like It.

In our wonderful world of paper, we love the neutral palette of the white, ecru, and metallic gold incorporating shading in the ink, hand lined envelopes, and hand-painted borders. A personal favorite of ours is the blind emboss. It’s stunning and underutilized keeping it oh-so-chic.

For our blue hue devotees, a monogram is a great place to show off color. We love pairing it with hand lined envelopes and shaded blue papers. Our exclusive blue paper spans from our lightest, Button-Down Blue all the way to our deepest envelope lining, Regent Blue. We think they look especially nautical for summer!

Last, but certainly NOT least, one of the great features of engraving is the capability to engrave white crisply and brightly on colored papers. We love the idea of an ombré, almost dip-dyed, look printed on the entirety of white paper and then an invitation engraved in white on top of the ombré. This is a one of a kind correspondence or invitation design – in a word: Gorgeous.

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