For the Hostess with the Mostess

Barbecues, Weekends at the Beach, Dinner with Friends….. It’s that time of year!

As the weather heats up, we find ourselves blessed with invitations to the best soirees, socials, and good old-fashioned backyard picnics. There is nothing worse than showing up to a well-planned event, hosted by an acquaintance, friend, or loved one, empty-handed. A host or hostess gift is the perfect accessory!

We’re always going to write a thoughtful thank-you post-party on our bespoke cards or summer-themed notes, but the best way to show the host or hostess that we truly appreciate all of their hard work and preparation – whether they slaved all day in the kitchen or paid the chef – is with a token gift upon arrival.

This rule of thumb also applies to weekends at a friend’s beach house or any other hosted travels. We love to greet our host or hostess of an overnight stay with a gift and also leave a little something upon departure. If your host is kind enough to let you use their summer pad unaccompanied, we suggest sending a gift of appreciation along with your thank-you note immediately following your return home.

Here’s what we’re bringing along to every summer gathering


gracias wine tag + manhattan wine tote , trina turk beach candle + trina turk: blue ogee notes, seaside collection tablet set + seahorse paperweight , mrs. lilien cocktail swatch book + flamingo notes

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