Creating the Monica Rich Kosann Collection


For our most recent stationery collaboration, photographer and designer Monica Rich Kosann caught our eye with her glimmering gold jewelry and her equally bright personality. Monica’s work in gold and silver reflect a classic taste and an appreciation for antique keepsakes. She began designing home accessories and jewelry to create fitting encasements for one of the most important things a person can own: the photographs of the ones we love.



Working with Monica was a delight. She was brimming with ideas on how to translate her approach to paper. Letters and notes from loved ones are just another form a keepsake can take, after all. 

In the end, we all gravitated toward a couple of phrases that Monica felt strongly towards. “Carpe Diem,” the time-honored reminder to live every day to the fullest, and “I just adore you,” an endearment which Monica found she had ample opportunity to voice. These complimentary turns-of-phrase are an ideal way for stationery and engraving  to express what makes Monica’s collection of work so special.


When it came to the aesthetic choices, there was no doubt we had to make this collection shine like one of Monica’s beautiful lockets. Monica paired her phrases with corresponding envelope liners; a strong and steady geometric pattern for “Carpe Diem,” and a lovely floral design for “i just adore you.”

In our Gold engraving ink the phrases really became like precious metals, delicately raised above the surface of the paper. We’re really satisfied with the final result!


This has been our first collaboration which has included tablets and calling cards, and they can be purchased with the correspondence cards in a lovely gift set. The combination of items allows for a variety of ways to express the chosen sentiment.


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