Other Things That Happened in 1878…

1878 was the year Dempsey & Carroll was founded in New York, but it was also the year that these things happened too!

Here’s a list of some incredibly impressive people who were born in 1878…

January 6Carl Sandburg, American poet and historian (d. 1967)

January 22Constance Collier, stage & screen actress (d. 1955)

April 24Jean Crotti, Swiss artist (d. 1958)

May 26Isadora Duncan, American dancer (d. 1927)

June 5Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary (d. 1923)

June 12James Oliver Curwood, American writer and conservationist (d. 1927)

July 4George M. Cohan, American singer, dancer, composer, actor, and writer (d. 1942)

September 20Upton Sinclair, American writer (d. 1968)

October 9Robert Warwick, American stage & screen actor (d. 1964)

November 14 – Julie Manet, French painter (d. 1966)

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