Did you see Bobbi Brown’s feature in The Wall Street Journal? We did and loved it!

We really enjoyed reading last week’s Tricks of the Trade in the Journal about Bobbi Brown’s tips on giving off the best impression in new situations.  Brown, who founded Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, notes that she prepares for each event or meeting she is attending by researching the gathering beforehand.  By knowing about the formality of the event, Brown dresses appropriately in colors and designs that are flattering to her complexion and figure.  This makes her feel comfortable and “helps her to project confidence”.  She also recommends a firm handshake when meeting new people, as well as remembering basic manners such as eye-contact and smiling.  Her last piece of advice is this: before entering a room, her final touch is straightening her posture and presenting a friendly attitude.  Thanks, Bobbi! 

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