Last Minute Holiday Preparations

With only a few short weeks between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years, it’s easy to forget some of the holiday necessities, both big and small!  Heck, one year we almost forgot to send out our holiday cards – and we’re a stationery company!  Since the last few weeks of December are so chaotic, we decided to put together a list of “Holiday Essentials” to keep ourselves (and our friends!) from forgetting any of the season’s must-haves.   It’s certainly helping us this year, and we hope it’s useful to you too!

1)      Stocking Stuffers: colorful earbuds, hand cream, pocket-sized tablets, or a nice fountain pen.

2)      Place cards: a holiday meal calls for a finishing touch – place cards will make your feast complete!

3)      Apple cider: served hot or cold this delectable drink is always a treat – you can also add a hint of rum if there are no children around.

4)      Holiday cards: handwrite your greeting and send your loved ones a note to wish them well in 2012.

5)      Turkey (or your main dish of choice): don’t forget to go to the market and order this ahead of time – you don’t want to scramble at the last minute!

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