About our Collaboration with Trina Turk: Inside the Collaboration Process

Almost a year ago we started speaking to the folks at Trina Turk. We had just completed a collaboration with Schumacher and we were thinking about fabrics.  We loved the Trina colors and patterns.  We thought it would be great fun to work on something new and exciting with her. She is as upbeat and creative as her designs. 

We started conversations at the end of 2010 but we each were busy with our own projects and tending to our own crises.  Finally late last spring we were able to get together and brainstorm on what would make an engaging collection and reflect the aesthetic of both of our brands.  We looked at many different fabrics, several different engraving dies, and lots of papers and edge treatments.  Trina’s favorites were her Ogee and Coachella fabrics – so we went with those as the foundation of the collection.

The diamond shape nestled in between the brightly colored rectangles of the Ogee design was our inspiration for the engraving die we used on top of the cards in this collection. The curves of the Ogee pattern are further reflected in the rounded corners of these cards and the painted edges draw even more attention to this shape. 

For the Coachella, the waves and the color are the story. We matched her patterns to our own Orange and Cerise borders to create an eye-catching set of cards.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cards benefits PS Arts, one of Trina’s favorite charities.  It is a non-profit organization committed to improving children’s lives through arts education. We love working with Trina and we are really excited about this collaboration.  Take a look!

View the Trina Turk Collection

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